Silkroad 2 still under development

As I explained on the previous entry, I don't think the new Silkroad Kingdoms game is the real Silkroad 2. With the comments I searched for a while for some traces of Joymax still working on Silkroad 2 and found something interesting.

The domain www.silkroad2.net is registered by Joymax, according to the whois of the domain:

We can see there that the record was created in 2007 (probably when they started planning the sequel of Silkroad) and it was last updated on december 2012. The expiration date is March 2014, so by that time we can know if they are still working on it if they decide to keep the domain purchased.

The domain points to no IP so there is no website or anything about it for now. Time will tell I guess.


  1. So silkroad kingdoms 2 isn't the real silkroad we were hearing of

  2. They just updated site domains. Now its expires at may 2015

  3. I'm still wondering if joymax is working on the "real" silkroad 2 and that chinese version is just a clone ... .

  4. frankly speaking you people are trying to convice yourselves with a lie, Silkroad Kingdom 2 is the silkroad 2 you was waiting for, too much time and all screenshots in internet are from this game, by this point i dont see joymax will realase other silkroad, they will closed silkroad 1 and R Next Year and they will stick to their remaining games.all i hope is they realase Silkroad Kingdom 2 International, because besides turkey, the players in the rest of the world are low in comparation with others MMORPG games.

  5. Synx,
    They have updated the record on 2 january and extended it until 2015.
    I think your research(real sro2 still being in development by joymax) is more than likely now.