The future of Silkroad (leak)

NOTE: This is a leak, content is not 100% confirmed and can be subject to change, or may never happen.

Hi, a friend of mine called MeGaMaX found some time ago a file on a Joymax server containing part of the strategy to have about Silkroad on the upcoming years. The file is lost now, but the small information contained on it was something like this (everything was in Korean):

1. We are going to focus on the game system this coming years rather than on leveling content, like we have been doing. (This means some gameplay and systems will be added, we are seeing this already with the achievements, survival arena, and title system)

2. Jelly system is going to be added the next year (no idea what this means, bad translation/bad memory from megamax XD)

3. We will stop blocking the bots from the game. (I suppose it will be for keep it alive as much as they can, they lost the battle versus bots)

4. Updates will be given to Silkroad until 2015. (This means probably this is the year where Joymax will close the korean or international version of Silkroad (or both) or rather they just stop adding content to it, and keep them as static servers)

 5. Something about building a new engine? (No idea)

That's all. Since I dont have myself the original texts or the source from where it came exactly I consider this just a leak and the veracity you want to give it its all up to you. Most of this things, specially the closing date, are probably future plans with no real schedule, since Joymax doesn't know how much time Silkroad will stay profitable.

So probably the last cap/map/degree update will be Baghdad lvl 130. Maybe they will add new degrees for use them on their new system, or just use the D14 they have already made for the cap 130 or something else, who knows.


  1. damn androw, he told me this one of this days


  2. But when u say smth like this, what u think about this YT video ?

    It seem to show the 15D Weapons...

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRh56kImkD8

    1. its edit.. it isnt official.. there are alreaddy 17d priv srvs

  3. but i dont think, that they will create weapon like this just for private servers...so there is some pk2 edit with this weapon in it...thats why think they will be realease this weapons in the future !

  4. isro kapanmaz ençok geliri isro dan sağlıyor isro ya daha cok önem verse çok güzel olacak güncellemeleri aynı anda yapsa koran sro ile global sro aynı gitse veya cin sro

  5. I think this information is from this video, but it's not translated yet