New skills and skill window

This is not a confirmed notice, but seems very real, so I will post it.
Few months ago I posted a video showing the skills up to lv 125.
As I said, this was only the first part of the Arabia expansion, which consisted on 2 parts.

So far, Japan and China versions of the game got this update, they bought it from Joymax and are implemented on their servers since September-December 2012.
Seems that when we get this update on the international servers, it will be a full-block update, cap level will be 130, and together with other changes, it will include an extended skill window and the skills up to 130.

Some images of the new window and skills have been found, and this are.




  1. So do you know any date or do you maybe have any idea when this will be released in Isro ? And is there any info if you have to + this 13d items to +7 for 14d items ?

  2. There is no official schedule for now, but I don't think it will take too long, probably before 2013 ends.
    About upgrade system, it will probably stay the same, updgrade your D13+7 item to D14, but that should come later I guess, just like what happened with the D13, it came a bit later than the Jupiter update.

  3. Ah okey =) Tanks for ur Infos ! I love this Blog <3

  4. synx this skills are on csro-r ? allready implemented ?