Battle Arena - Air Garden firsts screenshots

By casualty while I was doing the script of the Maya Temple map, I discovered the third Battle Arena map, who is in early stage development. The map size is pretty small, and there are a lot of missing renders, even the mountains around the map are missing (Joymax didn't added them yet). I will include a small preview of this new map when I release the next video showing the Maya Temple. Until then, here you are some screens I did on the script. Look closely at the renders, you will see some fails on them XD

Please ignore the box at the left corner, I have some problems with the KSRO loader x_x


  1. Dam that reminds me in anything but Maya Temple o.o

    k it´s not done yet ( hopefully ) we´ll see what we get :>

  2. Lol this map looks like soma CS KZ map. :D
    But it's kinda cool.