Few more Silkroad 2 pictures and information about the races/classes

More artworks and pictures of Silkroad 2

On this picture we can also see the full interface of the game:

About the classes and races, according to the information posted by the official GM's of the Chinese version, Silkroad 2 will have from the beginning this races and classes bound to the races:

*Note: Translated names of the classes, they probably won't be called like that.

Race: Persian
Classes: Swordman and Archer
Translated text:
Persian is "Silkroad 2" new race, the race can choose to experience the Swordsman and video off the two professions. Persia is known to Beauty and the moon scimitar known, and thus the game into which these different specialties, the design of female knife; knife male advantage of flexible walk, in PVP can play David and Goliath effect. Female France icy shadow cast off the Persian another profession, which is an archer. Historically, the Persian cavalry is in addition to the Mongolian troops outside the best at riding and shooting, "Silkroad 2" female shadow special enhanced range, you can always hold the enemy to death kites, theoretically novice to professional. The shadow Persian male relative enhancement of strength weakened range, so the players proposed a "Yijizhiming" very high requirements. This role is the master, with a considerable challenge, the other side is brought refreshment.

Race: Chinese
Classes: Samurai and "flying"
Translated text:
Samurai and flying games China injuries are a warrior race and flying injured two professions, where the samurai is the main occupation of China, pay attention Gongshoupingheng. M Wu emphasis on attack, led in the copy can play a role; female martial skills more comprehensive. Flying injury is a new job, there is no official release of any relevant information. However, for exposure shots of view, flying from the appearance point of view should be wound using hidden weapon assassin type character.

Race: European
Classes: Knight and Master
Translated text:
"Silkroad" Roman knights and mages race has two professions, all good offensive and defensive complementary, both with male and female roles are available. Male riding commonly known MT, women can be described as legendary female riding a man; Master still has a long range and high attack characteristics. 

So basically, seems that there will be classes that can attack while riding a horse (persian archers), there seems also that some classes won't be available from the very beginning, but will be added later (chinese "flying" class), and also seems that European characters will have the warrior-like class and the wizard-like class (knight and master).

If you have another interpretation for the texts share with us on the comments! 


  1. Sounds good.. I've registered for the beta they're choosing randomly let's hope If I got a beta key i'll inform everyone with some news because SRO 2 will be available for beta on 11/10 October,moreover: yet what do you think synx is this game developed by joymax and It sold it to the Chinese company?

    1. It's hard to tell, I'm not sure either if it's the Silkroad 2 developed by Joymax or just a chinese company that made a whole new game and bought the right to use that name, time will tell I guess.
      For now I'd say that this is the game Joymax has been working on, and that they sold it (or the publishing right to use it) to the Chinese company that ran CSRO. It's not rare for Joymax to do such thing, they can have a good experience of test done by chinese players before releasing the International version. They have been doing this for SRO1 aswell with the Baghdad update for example, cSRO and jSRO users got it a year ago (half of it), and they collected data from them, before it's on iSRO or even kSRO (since kSRO playerbase is currently the lowest, around 400-600 players on that version).