Old clients - Censorship!

So, a friend called Schickl has been working on an emulator for the old cilent from 2004, the SRO_OPEN.EXE, and I had a tour around the old maps and so. I will post a video about it tomorrow, but for now I will show you how Joymax adapted Silkroad from a half-adult game to a all-ages game.
I'm not sure if current kSRO version has it, but all the other clients have a nude patch, not only on the characters, we all have seen screens of the naked characters around since a while ago, but NPC's and monsters.

Here you are an small recopilation of the differences I've seen around the old client.

The question is, you like more the old or the new models?


  1. Fuck the censorship. Kids are seeing plenty of boobs, violence, gore and whatnot. It's just destroying the good vibe of the game.

  2. How do you find this things? Are you able to get the beta clients and run a server on those files?

  3. You can still download the client from the official servers I think. That's where I got it. Don't remember the link though. And as he said, his friend made an emulator based on this client.

  4. Oh I remember those old Yeowa, Flower Ghost and Hyeongcheon models. Didn't notice they changed all these except the Hyeongcheon one. Gotta change them back lol.