Survival Arena

I assume most of the iSRO players went it already, but I will still show some pics and vids about it.

There are 3 different arenas, Colisseum, Palace and Desert.

The Desert and the Palace will probably be familiar to you, since 95% of the models are copied from existing places, only kinda "new" zone is the colosseum.
Some pics:

And 2 videos from Youtube:


I knew about the survival arena since some months ago, but I had not enough info to be posted that was worth a post here, plus Babbe is missing so who knows, the blog is kinda abandoned, sorry for that, I will try to take more care about it!


  1. this blog is dead? 2 years to update ^^

    1. Kinda, Babbe is gone and I'm not that active. I will try to keep at least 1 notice per month or something XD

  2. do you have any information about upcoming updates?