Some unreleased wallpapers/images



  1. the first 2 images look like they are islam characters :O

  2. no look at the second picture, it is a chinese character, look at her hair. there is a chinese character with the same hair look, i am sure.
    and the first one i dont know.. there is also a chinese character with white hairs..

  3. The only one that may be arabian is the 6th. A different wallpaper with this same char has been released though.
    The char on the fisrt pic has shoulders that look like 8d Chinese armor shoulders, so it's not Arabian. There is also a big face figure in the background, which is a Chinese creature and it looks like Stone Ghost, which is a Chinese mob.

  4. All of them are official arts from the beginning of the game (check the date on the pics says 2003). Don't try to find many similarities with the current game XD
    But if you ask me, the first ones seems the Tiger Girl before her transformation (look at the circle with chinese letters around her, looks like one of her attacks) and the second ones, BeakYung the White Viper? (Medusa).

  5. The second one doesn't look much like Medusa to me, only a silkroad char model with a serpent. :D