Legend XI now in kSRO

Legend XI got released in kSRO today and as it seems, it does not contain the Jupiter Temple dungeon.

New items (very rough translation, might not be correct):
Can be used to gain job equipment

Strengthening rune
Can be used to strengthen job equipment

Sealed magic rune
Can be used to add magic options on job equipment

Socket stones of all types can now also be made via a recipe, you need only elements for this.

More information soon, my kSRO client does not want to start atm :P


  1. Do you have an actual clue of what the magic options(blues) would be like?
    Maybe 20 str/int or extra 5k HP/MP? xd

  2. I think more like 5 str and 1k HP

  3. Any1 have idea when any new update will come in CSRO we got very late isro got update ksro got update and csro still w8ing?? WTF any1 can say something about that

  4. When more info about legend XI ?
    Is that true, that havent traders :D ?

  5. anyone know how know can trade in ksro ? if know pls post all latins in ksro its lots with this

  6. i cant belive there is no way to do trades...have a new skill its sth about trade..so sure its possible somehow...im lv20 hunter now...