Silkroad Online Update - Flame Mountain

This is Flame Mountain. Flame Mountain is a new region that will be included in the next kSRO updates. I expect it to be in Legend IX.
Flame Mountain is in the south of Hotan.
Here I got an other artwork which could be the entrance to a Dungeon. Notice that you see a palace in the background that could be Hotan palace!

Flame Mountain will have 30 new mobs and 1 new Unique. The Unique is the mob you can see on the first artwork.

Here is a mob list of Flame Mountain with English, not perfect translations:
Dragonfly Ghost
Seopwooin (A flame zombie)
Butterfly Ghost
Yeomwooin (A flame zombie)
Flame Monkey
Pokwooin (Something like Gun Powder)
Seopwon (An other flame monkey)
Yuha saohjeong (A water demon)
Yomangnachal (Flame nachal)
Volcanic Mujigi (Flame Mujigi)
Nachalseonnyeo (Fanfairy? A female mob)
Goeanhwasanma (Red flame ghost)
Cheonbong jeopalgye (Pig ghost)
Horyeokdaeoh (Tiger of the Big Five, a wolf ghost?)
Monkey Ghost
Hwayeomchung lions (Small flame bug)
Monkey Ghost Junior (Small monkey ghost)
0 shares cheolseon (Fanprincess?? Seems to be an other type of "Fanfairy")
Daeryeokwoomawang (Translated: Vigorously cattle Beelzebub??? Something like "king of the cows", UNIQUE!)

It is known that there is a quest where you have to open treasure boxes.

This is all information I have atm.

edit: Please refer to Legend X posts since Flame Mountain is included there.


  1. well , is it in KSRO yet ?

  2. i actually think that teh palice in the back might something of the islamic region becouse its far in the background and int he middle of a field whilst hotan is normally illustrated in between karakoram takla or the ferrys
    i think were looking in the southern direction